Venus Factor Online eTools

That’s not the only support you receive however. Despite the regular consultation meetings and online program you can download there are also a number of eTools that you can receive for absolutely free when you register to Venus Factor. These eTools range from specific recipes to meal planners and generally are worth around $15 per month but can be instantly downloaded upon registration. These tools can be particularly useful as they are available at home and can help you maintain your diet with plenty of useful information.

The eTools package also contains a progress tracker that can help you monitor your weight loss at home, essentially giving you a personal consultant on your computer. This is complemented by the peer support that becoming a member offers, allowing you to read up on support online from other Venus Factor users or specially trained consultants who are available through live chat. By signing up at, you also receive access to the regular Newsletter, which also offers general tips to supplement the Venus Factor program.

Fat Loss Factor Bonuses

When you purchase the main guide through this the fat loss factor program review, you don’t just get the original program, but several extras that are worth around $287 for completely free. These bonuses give more information on what food should be used in the meal plans and compliment the main program well. The first “Foods that Burn Fat” does exactly what it says on the “tin” and gives you an idea of what foods can speed up your metabolism without having to cut calories drastically.

The second bonus report is entitled “Foods that Turn to Fat” is a similar example, giving descriptions of what foods are more likely to become fat, and includes a section of the 12 “deadly” fat-storing foods that Fat Loss Factor advises you should never eat. The rest of the bonuses are simple reports and finally, free updates to the main portion of the program. Due to the program being in eBook format, updates can be released that you can download for free, unlike a physical copy, which would have to be bought again.

Text Your Ex Back Examples from “How to Text Your Ex Back”

Many people consider the text message a lowly form of communication in comparison to face to face meetings or phone calls. However, these people cannot be more mistaken. The SMS can be a powerful tool of communication when used in the right way as the text your ex back program advocates. This is a guide on how you can use the SMS to win your ex back. Meeting your ex face to face can be a bad idea especially if you haven’t had enough time to cool down and diffuse your emotions. The meeting can quickly turn into an argument and you quickly end up losing the only chance you had to get back with your ex.

This is why the text messages can really come in handy. But this program takes the power of the text message to a whole new level. You will be shown how exactly you can go about getting your ex back by sending the right messages at the right time. The right messages here are messages that your ex will understand for what they are and cannot be misinterpreted by them in any way. The program will show you how to write simple text messages that will pass the intended message.

Although the message is simple, it is what shows the ex exactly what you have in mind so that they get and understand your intention to get them back. Any person out there can send messages to their ex, but very few of them know exactly what to say to get their ex back. This is why this program is very effective. Michael Fiore is a true master when it comes to the art of reconciliation and his program is the perfect combination of common sense and psychology. There are many text your ex back examples on the internet that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that this program works as it should.

Joshua Pellicer: The Creator of Tao of Badass

Joshua Pellicer, also known as Josh Pellicer, suffered from General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and panic attacks for years. He decided after suffering the attacks, to study a cognitive behaviour approach to tackling the problem, along with some of the top psychologists in the field. It was while he was studying how GAD and panic attacks manifest themselves that he came across a startling conclusion that allowed him to develop the technique used in his book Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer.  This technique is known as the one move, or the 21-7 technique. After refining his technique, he decided to commit his research to paper and developed the Tao of Badass book and program which is aimed at helping anyone who suffers from GAD and panic attacks.

A lot of speculation has been levelled at the Tao of Badass technique and whether or not Joshua Pellicer was just offering another gimmick. However, his book has been reviewed by top medical professionals in the field of psychology and has received critical acclaim. Joshua Pellicer himself has appeared on TV across America to raise awareness of the Tao of Badass course. He is also keen to highlight that it doesn’t use any form of hypnosis to put a person under a trance which doesn’t always work, and nor does it use NLP, or Neuro-linguistic programming. Instead, it is based on solid psychology that anyone can use to help themselves.

Joshua Pellicer began by teaching the technique to small groups of GAD and panic attack sufferers at a time, at first unsure if he could replicate what he taught himself. After a while, he began to notice that he was getting positive results almost immediately. Further research confirmed that his technique was indeed working and was not only effective, but also prevented sufferers having any further panic attacks and dramatically lowered their levels of anxiety. Joshua Pellicer has gone on to develop the the tao of badass reviews available on the internet in electronic form as well as a hard copy form. Joshua Pellicer has also taught his 21-7 technique in over 30 countries around the world.

After spending years developing Tao of Badass, Joshua Pellicer considers himself to be a perfectionist.  He states that he is only interested in results and helping people achieve their goal of being free from GAD and panic attacks, and has provided the largest online collection of authentic testimonials from users of the program. He has also challenged anyone to find a larger collection anywhere on the internet, offering the entire course for free if someone is able to.

Joshua Pellicer is certainly confident in the program he has spent years developing; and to date, over 50,000 people who suffer from GAD and panic attacks have used the program and have had huge success in claiming back their confidence and ridding themselves of GAD and panic attacks for good.  If you are still not sure about the Tao of Badass program and its potential to allow someone to overcome GAD and panic attacks for good, the course is offered with an eight week money back guarantee.

Discover the Power of Site Build It to Ensure Your Affiliate Success

Successful affiliate programs choose the right merchants from which to build. It is just that simple, if you build it they will come. Site Build It provides the experience in developing a successful affiliate program so you reach and exceed your goals.

Affiliate programs from web hosting companies that promise big time results usually end up selling you short. Without the kind of expert guidance you need before and during the creation of a site build it website you might find yourself overwhelmed or running a lackluster e-business that generates more frustration than monetizing opportunities. SBI provides guidelines of how to choose the right merchant for your needs so you can attract the kind of consumers to your site that produce the kind buying numbers that lead to big time commissions for you.

By learning the nuts and bolts of the affiliate marketing process from the ground running and harnessing the power of SBI knowledge and expertise, you can succeed in with your own affiliate program. Success is more than just running an e-commerce business; it’s mastering it.

How FAP Turbo Stays Sharp

Constant adjustments and updates can make the top selling Forex robot fap turbo review the most efficient way of automatically making money on the stock market.  Adjustments include choices of day for trading – Fridays have traditionally been known as a dodgy day for doing business, and some traders would tell you Monday can also be problematic.

FAP Turbo, which has been purchased by more than 55,000 traders, can take factors like this into account to maximize profits while the customer sleeps or goes to a baseball match.  Its creators, three tech “geeks” called Steve, Mike, and Ulrich, spent years developing and refining their system to make it the successful market leader it is today.

Most Forex robots are tested for efficiency with back testing – trying out the device on market conditions, opportunities and risks that have already happened, to see how they deal with a known situation.  FAP Turbo’s creators decided this was not enough, and used their own money to try out the device against a real, forward-moving market.